Are all vehicles eligible for importation/exportation between USA and Canada?
Unfortunately even though Canada and USA share a border the laws and safety requirements in each country can vary. Some models may not qualify.

Can I import a vehicle once I crossed the border?
In our experience, it is a much more difficult process which may require you to return to your country of origin.

Does A-1 Import/Export LLC handle the paying of duty fees?
Duty fees are the responsibility of the importer of record (You).

Do I need the service of a Registered Importer (RI) in order to import my vehicle to the USA?
Depends on the category of importation. Contact us to learn more!

Does A-1 Import/Export LLC buy or sell road vehicles?
No, at the moment A-1 Import/Export LLC solely specialises in providing essential assistance for a problem free importation/exportation.

Is A-1 import/Export LLC a broker?
No, we are a U.S D.O.T. registered importer that works with a U.S customs broker and the importer of record.


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